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The hottest metric in video advertising isn’t about accessing an audience, it’s about keeping them around. Retention has the biggest implications for brands, because they not only communicate initial viewer interest, but also deep engagement with the broadcast content.


youtube retention rate


YouTube’s TrueView ads are currently the preferred video ad platform for marketers but their average retention rate hovers around a dismal 1-2%. On the other hand, at Applause our live stream branded content boasts retention rates up to 30%. In a recent branded campaign, we achieved a retention rate of 6% on a 27 minute long video.


periscope retention rate


Why the huge gap? Sponsored videos on Periscope feature influencers and content creators that can both captivate viewers and draw them into the experience.


The combination of engaging personality and joint collaboration is what makes influencers like music artist Todd Carey such a big success on Periscope. As one of our clients here at Applause, Todd Carey consistently showcases an incredible openness with his fans. The focus of his broadcasts is just as much about his music as it is about his viewers. He acknowledges and responds to almost every fan message on Periscope or Twitter, effectively using the live stream format as a two-way communication to keep people engaged for longer periods of time.


With retention being one of the biggest challenges for digital video marketers today, the live, intimate interaction that Periscope offers between fans and influencers – or the brands that partner with them – is what ensures higher retention rates. Involving viewers in broadcasts and building a direct line between consumers and brands is what builds stronger and longer lasting relationships.

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