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As live streaming platforms like Periscope continue to see massive user growth, a new breed of influencer is quickly emerging. When the camera is rolling and the audience is watching live, there is no opportunity for edits. There is no “choosing the best one.” There is no time to craft a witty response, or for that matter, get a manager to ghost-write one. There is no room for fakers, wannabes, or phonies. There is no hiding behind a manufactured persona.


The new breed of influencer has a real personality. As events unfold in the moment, the way influencers react is a direct reflection of their true selves. This doesn’t bode for most Hollywood celebs, who spend most of their time avoiding paparazzi and public appearances. Most of the people that traditional media considers “stars” are in actuality some of the worst role models out there.


Do brands really want people like this representing their product?


Applause works hard to align with wholesome, value-driven creators that brands can confidently use in their influencer programs. As the amount of influencers increases in the coming years, brands will rely on experts like Applause more than ever for recommendations on who is brand-relevant and brand-safe….and who isn’t.


Rolling the dice shouldn’t be an option.

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